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A guide to Burnham Overy Staithe

Green Dots - Low Tide walking route

Blue Dots - Low Tide walking route


Purple Dots - High Tide kayak route

Orange Dots - Low Tide kayak route



Walking Options: - Both of these assume an able body and an understanding that there will be water potentially knee high. You also need to pay careful attention to the tide because you will get cut off and need to swim if not. Shorts and wet shoes are recommended.

Green Dots - This is a popular route to go across at low tide and then walk on a path across the salt marsh before dropping out onto the sand and a short walk across to Scolt Head. I've done this once and didn't really enjoy it. I much prefer the Blue Dot route. 

Blue Dots - This would be my personal choice if walking. Where you leave the sea wall path you have to walk across the top of a stone rock wall to cross a muddy area and reach the sand bank so you need careful footing to avoid slipping and twisting an ankle or worse. 


Kayaking Options: - These are a rough guide. The conditions can be different depending on tide state and wind. Generally if going against the tide it's best to avoid the channel because this is basically like a river and where the current will flow strongest. So knowing where the channel is at low tide is very handy for knowing where to paddle on a high tide. 

Purple Dots (High Tide) - When setting off at high tide especially if the tide is coming in you want to get straight over to opposite bank and then hug that all the way out until you have passed the harbour mouth. If you aim straight for the mouth on an outgoing tide you'll get swept out very quickly. At High Tide in the summer months the harbour is likely to very busy. Lots of swimmers and people on paddle boards and kayaks. Also many small craft with outboard motors heading to the island. There's two ferries that run from in front of the boat house out to the island carrying day trippers. These will not adjust their bearing for you! Keep close to the bank or move out of the channel when you see them coming,  which is another reason to study the low tide channel. It is marked by buoys but knowing it is better. 

Orange Dots (Low Tide) - At low tide you need to follow the channel. This is mostly deep enough, in some places like dead mans hole it's still over your head (where the purple and orange lines converge). There's a couple of spots where it's really narrow and a couple of spots where you'll have to drag for a few metres. Some spots look deep enough but aren't so following the channel keenly is best. Getting out before the tide switches is the aim. Then you can drift back in with the tide. 



High Tide & Low Tide


You can see in these two photographs the difference between high tide and low tide. The eastern tip of Scolt Head Island is on the left and in the low tide picture you can clearly see the channel heading out to sea and the two routes that feed into it. Then in the high tide image you can also clearly see the two current flows converging hence the reason to go past the mouth in the slack water before heading across with the flow. When you hit that flow you will see up so it's a good idea to be focused on hitting the shore. It's also a clear example of a rip current because you can see the gap in the white horses. The white horses on the left can be great fun to surf in. You encounter waves crossing at 90degrees so it can be very choppy and a lot of fun if that's what you want. Best saved for an incoming tide though for obvious reasons. 


This image shows the length of Scolt Head Island, looking towards Brancaster Staithe and the surf in the foreground. 


This image shows dead mans hole in the foreground. The two rock walls create a vortex that has dug down deep meaning even at low tide the water is very deep. I'd love to know how deep! This is the barrier that stops you being able to walk out at low tide. If you walk along the sea wall on the right side and then down onto the rock wall you can cross the mud and reach the sandbank. 


These two images show the car park and the first image shows why it's important to check the tide height. I use this website  because it gives the heights. 1.3mtrs is a small tide. Anything near to 2mtrs is where you probably should park on higher ground. I don't know the exact height for flooding the carpark but that basic rule has kept my car dry so far. You can also see the alternative parking area at the very bottom of the image although there's only a handful of spaces so in summer they're often already taken. 

This images highlights that alternative parking area and that won't flood unless it's a full on flooding incident. The two arrows show the front entrance and rear entrance to the Boat Shed. This is where you can hire a kayak. There's someone always there so if the front door is shut wander round the back and look for Tim or Maxine. They hire out sit on kayaks £20 for a single or £30 for a double for 8 hours. Les at Hunstanton Kayaks sometimes runs 'creek safaris' which you can book on and enjoy a guided tour: Like his facebook page to keep an eye out for these: 


Another image showing the low tide channel. This is the root that larger boats will use at high tide. 


What I love about Burnham Overy is the tide state doesn't really affect your decision. There is enough water for a sit on kayak or Paddleboard or even my three man canoe at low tide with just a couple of points where you need to drag. The wildlife is pretty good. Most times I see a spoonbill and Marsh Harrier. More Oyster Catchers than you can shake a stick at. Plenty of Oyster Shells to find as well. Terns diving for sand eels often right next to you! Until recently I'd never seen a seal in Burnham Overy Harbour but one was fishing in the harbour mouth and then again at deadman's hole. It is also a completely different experience at high tide from low tide and if you experience both you will see what I mean. What was once a large expanse of sand is now a large wide expanse of deep water...with fast currents. There is not really any danger at low tide. At high tide if you are a competent swimmer the only real potential danger is in the harbour mouth where the current will take you out faster than you can swim to the shore. You could end up tired and swept into breaking waves. 

You don't need a kayak or paddle board to enjoy the water. Get some beach shoes and a dry bag with strap or a proper swim bag. Walk out to the island at low tide then float/swim back in with the tide. It's one of those amazing experiences and it's free. 

One last point. Buy these, get the right one for your phone and use the spare one to put your car keys in:



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Pen y Fan - Wales Pen Y Fan


Exploring probably the Brecon Beacons most famous peak Pen y Fan. Watching the way the light falls on this stunning South Wales landscape and attempting to capture that beauty and majesty in a series of photographs.


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Burnham Overy Staithe

Burnham Overy Staithe

West Norfolk


The Norfolk coast from Terrington marsh to Blakeney is ,with the exception of Heacham and Hunstanton, a mass of tidal salt marsh rich in wildlife. There are miles of long sandy beach but the salt marsh can make accessing that challenging and that is where the North West Norfolk Coast appeal lies for so many. Remote desolate escapism miles from the busy world of problems.   The reality is of course that you aren't really that far from modern life but it feels remote and that's what matters. There's a simple magic to parking the car at Burnham Overy and wading across the harbour to the salt marsh and walking out to Scolt Head Island. Miles and miles of sand exposed on the low tide. If you're after real magic then a summers evening sunset with an incoming tide to float you back in without a care in the world, absolute bliss! 

Burnham Overy Staithe harbour is similar to Brancaster Staithe harbour but Brancaster is bigger and although very nice it some how lacks the magic of Burnham. 



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The Dr Will See You Now! Jodie Whittaker


Jodie Whittaker photographed for Scotty's Little Soldiers Tel: 08000 928 571 Recently I got to shoot the current Dr Who actor Jodie Whittaker for the charity that I volunteer my services. Jodie had agreed to model a bobble hat to promote the charity's annual #bobblehatday . We had to source a location in London close to where Jodie was due to be that day ,that would offer privacy and space to shoot. My first thought was obviously a photography studio, which would offer both and provide all the lighting and backdrop possibilities that I could want. There just wasn't one in the right area and had there been it's unlikely the charity could justify the likely expense.

We found a venue that could offer a room and potentially some outdoor space but I'd need to take anything I needed with me. I prefer to travel as light as possible and travelling by overground and then underground rail meant I needed to be sensible about what I could feasibly carry. Perfect situation for the Tamron 35-150. It was everything I needed in one lens. Back it up with the small lightweight Nikon 50mm 1.8 just in case and that's lenses dealt with. Then a Pixapro Pika200 flash head and a Li-ion580II speedlight. I'd have liked another light but I just couldn't fit it in. The speedlight also able to act as a trigger if anything were to happen to my main trigger. Two lightweight stands in a lastolite bag with a pop up 60cm soft box an we have a very portable studio. I'd take a Nikon D850 and a D750, without the grips these are both small enough to transport without any drama. All this fitted in one small inconspicuous backpack. 

Arriving at the venue the room had a brick wall, and a modular off white wall with silver hinge strips every metre. I decided to do three options. The red brick then use the white wall and thirdly block out the ambient light to create a black backdrop.


For the redbrick I used just the soft box and cut down some of the ambient light to highlight Jodie.

​​​​​​​For the white background I used the speedlight hidden behind Jodie to punch some light onto the wall and then the Pika200 in the 60cm soft box pointing across the front of Jodie. 

Jodie Whittaker photographed for Scotty's Little Soldiers Tel: 08000 928 571 Jodie Whittaker photographed for Scotty's Little Soldiers Tel: 08000 928 571


The black background I kept the soft box in the same place but I moved the speedlight round to diagonally opposite to throw a little light onto the opposite cheek. 

Jodie Whittaker photographed for Scotty's Little Soldiers Tel: 08000 928 571


​​​​​​​Outside they had a row of stone pillars and I thought it'd be nice to get Jodie leaning out. Unfortunately I couldn't shoot along the pillars as I hoped but it was still worthwhile to get a quick outside shot in the selection. I just used available light for this so as to avoid attracting any unwanted attention. 

Jodie Whittaker photographed for Scotty's Little Soldiers Tel: 08000 928 571

Jodie was fantastic, she'd said we could have an hour but I know speed is appreciated. The whole shoot lasted only 20minutes and we got four different background options. 

Jodie Whittaker shot for Scotty's Little Soldiers by Paul Tibbs

©Paul Tibbs2019



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Keeping on track  

Keeping On Track

I live my life by my diary. Emails or calls come in with bookings and I put them onto the diary. My job is then simple, to follow the diary and be in the right place at the right time always making sure I keep on track sticking to the path. I enjoy my job and I enjoy photographing most of what I photograph but it's often not what I would choose to photograph if this were purely a hobby and at times it can be frustrating to not have time for personal projects or sometimes even the time just to stop and grab an opportune landscape scene! 

Back when I first started my photography career, employed to work for a local newspaper company in a time before children, I would often visit Snetterton race circuit for British Touring Cars or British Super Bikes. I haven't done that for probably fifteen years now so when a shoot took me very near to Snetterton I grabbed the chance to fill a spare half hour with a quick visit and as luck would have it a range of cars were on track for pre-season testing. 

It also gave me the chance to try out the Tamron SP AF150-600 F5/-6.3 Di VC USD on fast paced motorsport. I have in the past always used a Nikon AFS 300 F2.8 prime lens with a 1.4x or 2x convertor when I needed extra reach. It does obviously have the limitation of being fixed length so you are restricted to the options available at any specific point on the track where as the Tamron although requiring more light has that massive zoom range on offer. 


PNikon D850 & Tamron SP AF150-600 F5/-6.3 Di VC USD




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Ant Middleton Returns!  

Ant Middleton Returns!


Back in 2017 I got the chance to shoot with Ant Middleton to launch a charity fitness challenge. I only needed one main image from that shoot and I had a mostly empty crossfit gym on a Colchester industrial estate in which to work with a four light setup. This time I needed a series of pictures to showcase a range of t-shirts and I'd be working in a busy city centre gym. I needed to work quickly and be mindful of the limited space available for lighting equipment. Back in 2017 I was using Elinchrom Quadra lights and they are great but I always found them a little cumbersome with the cables and battery pack often requiring two hands to move a light from one location to another. When I found the Pixapro Pika 200 I had found the answer. This small compact light is just what I needed, no cables no battery pack and a range of super convenient umbrella style softboxes plus I no longer needed pocket wizards to sync my studio lights with my nikon flashguns, it all works on one trigger. I sold all my Elinchrom and nikon lighting gear and bought a 600 head, 400 head the Pika 200 along with two speedlights. For this shoot I used the Pika200 with an umbrella strip softbox and thank god because there was nowhere to park nearby at all so not having a heavy light or heavy lighting stand was a real life saver and because of a holdup on the road we arrived only 5minutes before Ant so a softbox that opens like an umbrella meant I was ready before he walked in!....thank god!  

Behind the scenes shot of the Pixapro strip softbox Screenshot


Ant Middleton shot for Fear Naught Apparel on a Nikon D850, Nikon D3s, 50mmf1.8, 85mmf1.8, 24-70mmf2.8 and Pixapro Pika200


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The plane that's as old as me Tornado Farewell

This year sees the retirement of the Royal Air Force's workhorse the Panavia Tornado GR. First introduced to the RAF in 1979, the year of my birth, it has been at the forefront of RAF operations since its combat debut during the first Gulf War. I have been covering events at RAF Marham since 1999 and although I'm no expert in either the RAF or the Tornado I couldn't really let the old bird go without saying goodbye. 

Wednesday 23rd January 2019 - Three special edition paint scheme Tornado take off for an air to air photography session.

RAF Marham Station Commander Cab Townsend leads the three planes giving spotters at the fence an ideal photo opp. 

The standard colour scheme Tornado to be used as the camera platform

Rather aptly as the Tornado depart an F35 appears taxiing for take off. The F35 has already partly taken over RAF Marham as its new home.  

Take off is ,compared to the Tonka, a rather sedate affair. No flames not quite as much noise and dare I say slightly bland by comparison (!)

A second F35 follows

This F35 decides to play the trump card opting for a short take off.....definitely not bland especially up close!

Spotters at the fence line can't believe their luck when two Typhoon aircraft from 41 Squadron appear taxiing. Typhoon is being adapted to take over much of the role currently played by Tornado.

I hope he's smiling 

In terms of take off showmanship there's not much that can compete with a Typhoon 'performance' take off

Using half the runway length of Tornado and going almost instantly vertical, this aircraft has some serious performance!

Climbing nose up 10,000ft towards the heavens before splitting  

The two F35 aircraft return through the ever changing Norfolk sky

The three ship of special edition Tornado make a pass over the airfield before splitting and landing

Friday 25th January 2019 - Enthusiasts Day. A chance for the media ,and then aviation fans, to get close to the special edition jets

​​​​​​​There's no dials in an F35 cockpit! Just a handful of switches and a couple of giant computer screens.



If you would like to purchase any of these images then please visit the gallery here:



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Global Brand, Local Location! Global Brand, Local Location


Most of my work is local to me in Norfolk which is great because I have young children and it means I get to spend more time at home with them. And although I do travel for work ,wherever my clients require, apart from the very rare occasion it's mostly UK based. So when International brand of Swedish origin Husqvarna got in touch with a shoot for their 2018 catalogue my mind went into over-drive imagining exciting locations somewhere in the incredible Swedish landscape, especially knowing that the previous years shoot had taken place in Sweden with the same brand ambassadors.....this was going to be epic! Until the next email arrived with instructions to meet them in Swaffham. That's Swaffham in Norfolk, England.....not Stromsund or Storuman in! Swaffham 20 miles down the A47. So let's swallow that disappointment down and concentrate on the positives, it's still a shoot for a major global brand that involves big bright orange chainsaws and people climbing up trees all without the worry of air travel with expensive camera kit.....still epic just slightly less glamorous. 


One of my favourite images from the shoot. Good strong bold colours with plenty of motion action from the blade and sawdust and the all important brand name clearly visible. 

Getting light up into the dense but heavily backlit canopy was a consideration but luckily I've always used portable battery powered studio lights so I wasn't to worried. 

 I'm always happy to do what's required to get the shots so more than happy to climb into a harness but to save time these shots are taken with me down at ground level just shot to feel more like an 'up in the tree tops' shot. 


Love the sense of scale this image conveys. 

Maybe next time they'll fly me to Sweden! 


Shot on location in West Norfolk 2017 with Nikon D810, D750 and Nikon D3s cameras

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Little Cameras Go Skiing  

For as long as I can remember it has been my ambition to go skiing. I grew up watching Ski Sunday every winter, still do,  and I'm always glued to the tv when the winter Olympics come round again. So why is it that it's taken until this my 38th year for the dream to become reality?! Now both as a photographer and as someone who would definitely want to remember this trip there could be no way that I wouldn't take a camera. Leaving my rather bulky Nikon cameras and lenses at home I opted for a Canon G12 and a Sony HDR-AS100VR. The Canon has physical controls I'm used to and is just about small enough to fit in a ski jacket pocket and the Sony has a range of mounting options making it easy to capture video along with the stills. 



The little Canon coped well with the airplane window allowing me to capture some interesting cloud shots.


Without a sense of scale you could almost believe you're looking at a footprint in the snow!

You only need to glance at an app like FlightRadar24 to see how much aviation is happening above us so it should be no surprise to spot other aircraft but it's still slightly disconcerting.   

The Alps pierce through the cloud blanket looking like islands in an ocean. 

Snow covered peaks seemingly uninhabited 

But on closer inspection the signs of life are there

Skiers dwarfed by the snow covered trees

The Dolomites are simply stunning 

Cable car gondolas run up to a mountain top restaurant during an evening snow storm

The Sony gives an extreme wide angle field of view which is ideal for capturing some of the stunning scenery on offer in the Italian Dolomites

Shooting into the sun is always a problem but the Sony handles the situation extremely well in both stills and video 

Ice with your drink sir?!

 The Sony is a 'bullet' style camera so can be mounted fairly discreetly on the side of your head giving you an 'over the shoulder' experience

Remember where you parked your skis! 

With every Bombardino you get slightly braver on the slopes

How this landscape could fail to impress is beyond me, every direction looks like a film set

 Leaving the Dolomites behind to come home, bitter sweet, already dreaming of return visits


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HRH The Prince of Wales meets the F-35B Lightning II Aviation Royalty 


I have been visiting RAF Marham since starting my career in Photography at the end 1999. Always having a love of aviation and in particular the noise and speed of the military fast jets. The Tornado and RAF Marham are as familiar as bread and butter or fish and chips having first arrived at the Norfolk base in the year of my forth birthday 1983. Relatively recently it was announced that the Royal Air Force would acquire the new F-35B Lightning to operate from a land base and the new breed of Royal Navy Carrier. The Tornado reluctantly being dragged into retirement RAF Marham was to be the F-35's new home.


In July 2016 three F35's made a 'flying' (sorry) visit to Marham. They did a couple of flypasts before a solo slow hover past but no tyres on tarmac and it was all very exciting but all too brief.  

F-35B Lightning makes a maiden appereance over RAF Marham.

F-35B Lightning makes a maiden appereance over RAF Marham.

(The Tornado ever present reminding everyone who is still in charge, for now!)

Jump forward just shy of two years to June of this year and the exciting news that the first four F35's would be arriving at their new home well ahead of schedule. RAF Marham was besieged by avid aviation fans lining all roads around the perimeter keen to glimpse the new hi-tech replacement to the cold war 'Tonka' that has become part of daily life in the skies of Norfolk. Flying non-stop from Beaufort on the East coast of the United States the four planes made a single pass before peeling round to land in front of senior military officials, a gathered chosen few and the waiting media. History made!


The first four F-35B Lightning II aircraft arrive from the USA to their new home at RAF Marham The first four F-35B Lightning II aircraft arrive from the USA to their new home at RAF Marham The first four F-35B Lightning II aircraft arrive from the USA to their new home at RAF Marham

Barely two months later and aviation royalty received a visit from real royalty. HRH The Prince of Wales was shown round the stealth aircraft by Station Commander Group Captain Cab Townsend and F-35 pilot 617 Squadron Wing Commander John Butcher. 


(There are no exceptions to the FOD check.)

HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. HRH Prince Charles is greeted by RAF Marham Station Commander, Group Captain Cab Townsend. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit.

(It wasn't planned for the future King of England to climb into the pilot seat but clearly given half a chance he wasn't going to miss an opportunity like that.)  HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles inside the cockpit. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. Wing Commander John Butcher shows HRH Prince Charles around the aircraft. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron. HRH Prince Charles meets RAF and Royal Navy personnel. HRH The Prince of Wales visits RAF Marham to see the new F35 Lightning II aircraft of 617 Squadron.

(Royal Air Force Marham Station Commander Group Captain Cab Townsend)


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Canon Powershot G12

Canon Powershot G12

It's a long held belief that photographers always carry a camera. For me ,and I don't believe I'm in the minority, this just isn't the case. I have three professional Nikon bodies in operation a fourth that is now retired and used for documenting my kayak adventures and two more that are completely retired. I also have a Sony action camera for when the need arises but I rarely carry any of these 'on spec'. With my background in press photography I'm always mindful that a chance encounter with a picture opportunity can potentially be a valuable revenue source. I have also missed a few landscape images because I couldn't be weighed down by a large camera and lens whilst out with the family. What I really wanted was a small fit in the pocket camera that I could just grab on the way out. I have never got on with point and shoot cameras with all the normal functions I take for granted hidden in menus and sub menus and my desire that it be up to landscape work would require the ability to shoot in raw format something that most point and shoot cameras lack. I'm a fan of the Shotkit website and it was there that I found the answer. Other pros with the same need as me had already found the solution, the Canon Powershot G12. It's not perfect but then what I'm really after, a miniature pro camera, isn't yet possible so this is the nearest I can get. It has all the buttons I want, a decent optical zoom, viewfinder, and the ability to shoot raw. It doesn't have wifi for those on the spot news events so I'm using it with an Eye-Fi card paired to my phone. I have to say that so far I'm pretty impressed with it. 





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Frosty Mornings A Winter's Tale

As the cold mornings start to take hold I decided to get out early and document the change from Autumn into Winter. It is a colourful time of year as the last of the golden yellow leaves manage to hold on while those that blanket the ground around them are covered with frost and ice each night.



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Tracy & Adam - Pentney Abbey  


Tracy & Adam 

Saturday 20th August 2016 - Pentney Abbey, Norfolk


Pentney Abbey is such a fantastic wedding venue, a peaceful island away from the world to enjoy your special day. It has been a pleasure to watch it lovingly restored by Howard and Dita from virtual ruin to the incredible place it is today. Tracy and Adam obviously like it too having picked it for their wedding in the middle of August. The weather is always top of the agenda and Tracy and Adam's day was no exception, ideal temperature not to hot and certainly not cold and only one brief shower during the sit down. It was however slightly too windy but nothing ever seems to spoil a Pentney wedding a testament to the location, the staff and the special couples that choose this magical venue. I do seem to be lucky and only get great couples. You learn a lot about a bride and groom on their wedding day and I could tell Tracy and Adam are a lovely couple and it was a joy to photograph their day

Venue - Pentney Abbey
Brides Dress - Wed 2 be, Milton Keynes
Bridesmaids Dresses - Bridal Boutique, King's Lynn
Catering - Florentina
Flowers - Bridget's flowers, King's Lynn 
Disco - New level Entertainment
Evening Bar - Twilight Bars
The Cake - This wasn't just any wedding cake, this was a Marks & Spencer wedding cake  (exceptionally tasty!)



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A River Runs Through It!

A River Runs Through It!

Monday 1st August 2016


Driving home after a photo shoot last week I was surprised to see the Great Ouse full of sails, so surprised I decided I had to delay dinner slightly and stop to record the event! Now I'm always surprised when I see activity on the River Great Ouse in King's Lynn and that is such a shame! So many towns make such good use of the rivers that flow through them and yet in recent years King's Lynn seems to have struggled. Sure if you go back far enough King's Lynn was a thriving port full of sailing ships carrying trade to and from other Hanseatic League members and more recently massive ships carrying Skoda's and Lada's from Eastern Europe but the pleasure craft side has never taken off. A few years back there were grand plans for a marina but they slipped silently beneath the water never to be seen again. The recently installed pontoons along the quay are an encouraging development but I can't help feel it's a shame that we don't make better use of the river.


(Pictures of North West Norfolk Sailing Week)


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Amy & Nick 

Saturday 26th March 2016 - The Ffolkes Arms, Norfolk


It's nice going back and having a look at a wedding from a few months ago. You get to laugh again at all those little funny moments that happen so quickly on the day, moments that are like the pieces of a jigsaw fitting together to create your most important of days. Yes sure when it's finished you remember the whole picture but not necessarily all those individual moments potentially lost with the passing of time. This is why pictures in general are so important, moments in time frozen to look back on in the future. 

Amy and Nick got married back in March on weekend forecast with the worst possible weather of high winds and torrential rain. The winds were present from first light and only got stronger as the day went on but thankfully the rain held off until later into the evening. The Ffolkes Arms has a sheltered area in the garden and this was enough to get some shots of Amy and Nick together away from their guests. I always tell brides not to worry about the weather, it will do what it does and you'd be surprised how little you notice even the worst of mother nature when you're surrounded by all the people that mean the most to you on your happiest of days.  








Photography - Paul Tibbs

Venue - Ffolkes Arms, Hillington Norfolk

Dresses - Young Romantics, Wisbech

Flowers - Flower Corner, King's Lynn

Suits - Goddards

Food - Ffolkes Arms

Music - AJ of Dick Ropa, King's Lynn

Decorations - La Wedding Events


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Brancaster Staithe

Stormy Skies - Brancaster Staithe

Given the choice I prefer kayaking on the coast over inland rivers most of which are essentially oversized drainage ditches. Long straight dull affairs with little hope of a view over the steep banks. Our coast on the other hand is such a beautiful part of this country and it is ever changing with the tide. It always amazes me just how much land is revealed by the falling tide a sometimes scary reminder of the power of nature. Occasionally seals can be found taking advantage of the low water level making it easier to hunt for food. Naturally inquisitive they like to come and have a look at you.


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Historic Lynn

King's Lynn, Norfolk

King's Lynn has some fantastic historic buildings that thankfully have survived the years and now provide a draw to tourists. It is amazing when you stop to consider the events that have taken place around these buildings and the changes they have witnessed in their years. Makes you wonder what changes they face in the next few hundred years! 


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Lucinda & Richard - Engagement Shoot  

Lucinda & Richard 

August 2015 - Old Hunstanton, Norfolk


I always recommend an engagement or pre wedding shoot to my couples. It is a great way for each of us to get familiar with one another so that we are all a little more comfortable come the wedding day. I like to see how my couples interact with each other in front of the camera and ,should it be needed, give some advice on how to relax and enjoy the experience so that I get the best out of them. Lucinda and Richard were absolute naturals  


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A Pentney Wedding


Kate & Mark

Saturday 7th June 2015 - Pentney Abbey, Norfolk


Having only recently started blogging I thought I'd share a wedding from last year at one of my favourite venues. Pentney Abbey is not far from the historic market town of King's Lynn in West Norfolk, rescued from a dilapidated state by Dita and Howard who along with help from English Heritage managed to return the 14th Century landmark to its past glory. It is now one of the best wedding venues in Norfolk allowing couples to retreat into the peaceful countryside and be totally immersed in their special day.  




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Amy & James - The Red Barn, Norfolk  

Amy & James 

Saturday 2nd April 2016 - The Red Barn, Norfolk


Look I'm not going to knock a good old fashioned church wedding but I think most people would agree that the 'one venue wedding' is so much more relaxing especially with the ever growing list of fantastic venues to choose from. Once you arrive ,as a guest or in my case photographer, you can relax knowing that the travel is done for the day. The Red Barn a 16th century oak beamed barn near Downham Market is one such venue and perhaps one of the finest remaining medieval barns in the country. It is also just a short drive from the home shared by Amy and James so a truly perfect venue for their special day.

It turned out that we had a shared love of Lego and they managed to include Lego into their wedding day! Every guest had a place card with a Lego figure created in their image. They even created one for me complete with camera which now takes pride of place on my desk.  

​A lovely couple, fantastic day and I wish them all the happiness


Photography - Paul Tibbs

Venue - Red Barn, Norfolk

Dress - Bridal Boutique, King's Lynn

Hair - Sophie at Images Salon, King's Lynn

Make Up - Katy at Images Salon, King's Lynn

Flowers - Swaffham and Fakenham Florists

Suits - Goddards, King's Lynn

Cake - Breckland Cake Designs

Food - Sally's Classic Catering

Music - Jak Ropa, King's Lynn

Bar - Jambaree







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Decompression Norfolk Style With the fast pace of modern life it's very important to find some space every now and again. We are very lucky in Norfolk to have plenty of space and in particular the coast. Hunstanton to Wells-next-the-Sea at low tide is an area of outstanding beauty and even on a busy day you'll be hard pressed to spot another soul. 


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Andrew & Kirsty - Sussex Barn, Norfolk My first wedding of the year happened last month. It was as most weddings are very special but this one was just that little bit extra special. You see Andrew the groom managed to break his leg playing football just a few weeks before. Leg in plaster and restricted to movement only when aided by crutches has implications for any groom but Andrew wasn't finished yet! You see the weekend before the wedding he was undergoing brain surgery at Addenbrooks to have a tumour removed. I was expecting the wedding to be called off for sure right?. No what happened instead is, when you think about it, nothing short of miraculous. 



Photography - Paul Tibbs

Dress - Young Romantics, Wisbech (Serena & Heidi)

Flowers - Bridget's Flowers, King's Lynn

Hair - Abby King

Car - Johnson W E, Wisbech

Catering - Riverside Restaurant, King's Lynn

Venue - Sussex Barn, Norfolk


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The Brancaster Wreck Laying off the coast at Brancaster is the wreck of the SS Vina. Just shy of 220ft long and originally a 1000+ tonnage she is very noticeable on the wide open Norfolk coast exposed by the low tide. She actually lay on the far side of Norton Creek ,a channel that leads into Brancaster Staithe, as a temptation to visiting beachgoers. All too easy to walk across on the low tide the channel very quickly deepens on an incoming tide leaving any unlucky souls trapped on Scolt Head Island until the next low tide. In the summer of 2013 Hunstanton RNLI came to the rescue of three sisters caught out by the incoming tide then trying to swim ashore without success. The crew arrived to find two sisters clinging to a buoy as the third was being swept away by the current. A successful outcome on this occasion.


Threatening clouds soon cleared on the paddle out from Brancaster Staithe

A fishing boat moored in Norton Creek​ 

Scolt Head Island grows massively in size when miles of sand are exposed at low tide

The SS Vina. Purchased as a target vessel for the RAF near the end of WW2 she sank further off the coast and was carried by the tide to her final resting place. At high tide only the top of the warning mast is visible

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Winter Mornings I am the laziest photographer going when it comes to landscape photography. It is incredibly rare that I can drag myself out of a warm bed on a cold morning anywhere near in enough time to catch the golden hour of light as the sun rises. If it ever does happen it's because I'm on my way to photograph something else for a client. Recently I had one such morning where I needed to be in town around 8am and not wishing to return to a life of morning traffic jams I opted as I often do, normally later in the day, to use the ferry. Why anyone given the choice would choose to sit in traffic when they could drift over the water is beyond me.     


   The Ferry glides across the 'pond' from the 'big city' 

River Great Ouse and King's Lynn Ferry

    Commuters board the 07.50 sailing from West Lynn ferry terminus

River Great Ouse and King's Lynn Ferry

    King's Lynn basks in the morning sunshine as the ferry navigates the Great Ouse

River Great Ouse and King's Lynn Ferry

   The Ferry Lane commuter belt feeds into the town

River Great Ouse and King's Lynn Ferry

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Supporting the Lifeboats

It has been my privilege to photograph the Hunstanton RNLI Lifeboats during my career working for local media. Recently they approached me to carryout a shoot to provide pictures for their own use. It was unfortunately a little too windy for the hovercraft but I was still able to capture shots onboard the inshore atlantic class 'Spirit of West Norfolk'. Lots of time cleaning saltwater from the cameras afterward but worth it. 






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Royal appointment!

It has been reasonably quiet following christmas but I have enjoyed two royal engagements with HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The first was a more relaxed and informal private visit to West Norfolk Befriending with both the Queen and Prince Philip chatting to guests. Three days later was a more formal visit to open a new fire station in King's Lynn but HM clearly enjoyed the event and provided many smiling photographs. 






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At Last!

This August has been a busy one and right in the middle came the wedding at Lynford Hall of a former colleague. He ended up with three newspaper photographers (two retired) taking pictures, but as friends, we all worked together rather than the usual pushing and elbowing that might sometimes take place in the press pack. 

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Lap of Anglia 2014

The Lap of Anglia started last year and that was where my involvement began. As a keen cyclist always looking for a challenge 400 miles in four days around East Anglia seemed like a good idea. Anytime we stop I like to grab my camera and get pictures to promote the event. Walcott on the Norfolk coast is now a firm favourite with the 'Lappers' and this picture taken on the beach there is my favourite from this year. 

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Staying the course

 Sometimes you can be spoilt for choice with locations. Overwhelmed with an abundance of possibilities it can be all to easy to spend too much time choosing between them and lose valuable shooting time especially on a tight schedule. This portrait of an apprentice groundkeeper almost suffered that problem but thankfully not. I was told we could only use the 1st hole, problem avoided.

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Royal Appointment! Sandringham Flower ShowSandringham Flower ShowClare Pelham, Chief Executive, Leonard Cheshire greets HRH The Duke of Cornwall at the Sandringham Flower Show

Back at the end of July I worked on a commission for Leonard Cheshire Disability at the Sandringham Flower Show. I have covered the Sandringham Flower Show many times over the years always working for a newspaper so this was my first time concentrating on just one part of the event. The key shot required was HRH The Prince of Wales meeting the Chief Executive ideally with the charity branding visible. This was the first frame and a great relief.  

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Michael Portillo

The Rt Hon. Michael Portillo paid a visit to King's Lynn Rail Station last week to officially open the station following renovation work. This picture was taken in a brief moment away from the flock of his assembled fans.

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Festival Too

This month saw me working once more at Festival Too, one of Europe's largest free music festivals. This year was the best to date with names such as The Hoosiers, Top Loader and Scouting for Girls.  

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Open Air Boxing

Mid June and Heros Gym in King's Lynn held an open air boxing night at the Walks stadium. The weather was perfect and the night proved to be  very popular. 

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College Marketing Campaign

 Earlier in the year I was busy shooting portraits for The College of West Anglia. I learnt my trade at the King's Lynn Campus so it was nice to return and work for them in a professional capacity. The portraits have now started to appear in newspapers, bus shelters and billboards all over the Western side of East Anglia. 

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Scotty's Little Soldiers

For a while now I have provided pictures for Scotty's Little Soldiers. My brother worked with Lee Scott before his army days and my involvement began through a mutual friend and trustee of the charity. They needed photographs for the website shop and I was more than happy to help. The new F&F clothing range sold by Tesco is a solid boost following on from the national coverage gained at the Sun Millie's military awards. I know the charity will continue to grow and I'm proud to continue doing my little bit to help.  



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The Grand East Anglia Run 2014 Another fantastic turnout for the Grand East Anglia Run. This event is a real credit to the town and brings in people from right across the region. Yet again the weather was wonderful and the event looks set to grow and grow. 

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Getting in GEAR! I'll be out and about on Sunday Photographing the Grand East Anglia Run in King's Lynn. Always a great event ,raising both the profile of the town and lots of cash for good causes, this year will be no exception. 

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